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Legal Aspects Of Online Gambling In The World

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Online gambling is an area of internet content which is attracting more and more people, and websites which offer this type of entertainment are increasing their popularity enormously. This is all connected to various factors and elements, but the most important one is probably the exponential growth in technological capabilities and easier access to such content. Mobile devices have made internet accessible and basically delivered casinos into our hands, and this fact is exploited by the providers of online gambling and by the software companies which design and create games and programs for playing.

images (1)This increased progress is something which worries a lot of people, and governments are no exception. All over the world authorities are discussing this topic, trying to find the best solution when it comes to legalization of the online gambling process. Various aspects are being taken into consideration, from the fact that gambling is profitable and harmless entertainment on the side that is in favor of legalization, to the arguments that it is harmful for the minors especially and that it causes severe addiction and health concerns. No consensus has been reached and no global piece of legislation is still created, although there were some ideas about the creation of a widespread law.

Instead, we still have the situation where each country, province or region has the possibility to make their own laws, and this has caused many problems for the players and for the providers of online gambling. For instance, places like Gibraltar, Curacao, Isle Of Man, Antigua and Barbuda or the Kahnawake Gambling Commission in Canada have their own laws and regulatory agencies, and they are allowed to license companies that provide online gambling. In UK for example, there is a law enforced in 2005 (Gambling Act), which makes gambling legal for the citizens of this country and permits the servers to host such websites. On the other hand, Australia has no governing law on the global scale, except for the Interactive Gambling Bill from 2000 which doesn’t specifically prohibit gambling but only prevents websites from offering the gambling to Australian citizens. Also, almost every state and territory there has its own law and this makes it impossible to know how and where you are allowed to play your favorite game of online poker.

images (3)Similar situation is in the United States, where a law known as UIGEA, or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (2006) regulates gambling on the federal level, but there is also legislation for every state separately. This notorious and controversial legal document is being disputed in recent years and more and more states are passing the bills for total legalization of the online gambling. UIGEA was basically designed to “starve out” the players, since it doesn’t prevent them from accessing the sites and playing, but it only prohibits banks from accepting the payments and money from gambling providers. Things are changing, slowly but surely, and states like Delaware and Nevada have made online gambling fully legal, and this will probably trigger a chain reaction which will result in overall acceptance of this type of entertainment.

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